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~~~ Awaken Sensual Lifeforce ~~~

5th May 2023 - 7pm UK / 8pm CET 

The Serpent still is and has been a powerful and widespread symbol throughout history and one of the symbols that Patriarchal systems have used as a scapegoat to disempower feminine lifeforce and wisdom (in all sexes)

Kundalini, Lifeforce or Shakti energy moves in both directions up and down the spine. This energy moving simultaneously in both directions creates a spin and activation of the Chakras (energy centres) When prana flows freely through these energy centres, it leads to an expanded state of awareness and consciousness which is often referred to a 'Kundalini Awakening'

A kundalini awakening is not the goal here. There is no goal. This Tantric Yoga-Dance ritual is designed to bring you into your body and to move the life force energy in both directions. Including Tantra, Yoga, Dance and intuitive movement practices. Expect to feel grounded, sensual and tuned in!

The Serpent Dance Ritual will support you to 

  • Receive and cultivate creative lifeforce


  • Awaken your spine and release energy blockages in the chakras

  • Release tension in the body and rigid patterns of the mind

  • Feel sensual and erotic

  • Activate the archetypal powers of the serpent within you such as rebirth, transformation, healing and deep insight.

  • Focus your mind for higher awareness​​

Registration closes at 19.00 CET on 05.05.2023

If you miss the registration deadline you can send me a message on Whatsapp -

0044 7580 125349 with a screenshot of your payment and I'll send you the link to join the ritual

Exchange - €22

Once you have made your payment an email will follow with a link to the session. If you can't join live a link to view a recording of the session with be available for up to 1 month

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