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Entering into Ceremony with Sacred Cacao opens up a conversation between our souls and the deva of the cacao plant - Ixcacao.

Cacao is a medicine for the heart. Receiving her into our bodies to become one with us, into our bloodstream, merging with our life force and through the chambers of our hearts, we receive wisdom directly from this incredible, ancient plant teacher. We can think of Cacao as a direct messenger from the heart of the earth and one of the most potent ways to connect with our own inner heart wisdom. Ceremonial Cacao is grown, harvested and processed, especially for ceremonial purposes. This way, all of the chemical compounds in the beans are maintained and the conversation between human and plant consciousness begins from the seeding and tending of the plant all the way to the moment when we drink our Sacred Cacao Elixir. 


Cacao gives us energy and contains some unique chemical compounds which can stimulate feelings of bliss, euphoria and sensual pleasure as well as winds of inspiration, clarifying insights and creative ideas. As it is working through the heart field it can also support us to tap into deeper feelings of love, compassion, forgiveness and gratitude.

In great reverence for Ixcacao, the details and beauty of the Ceremony are prepared and taken care of. Working with the power of Intention we open up the conversation with Cacao and the journey begins.



Nia's group Cacao Ceremonies are cyclical embodiment journeys where you can step into a space out of constructed time and into magical realms of connection, sensory experience and expression.

 Through meditation, embodied spiritual practices, intuitive movement, free-flowing dance and shamanic journeying an altered state of consciousness is made more accessible where the higher mind, heart-mind and body/earth-mind connection is awakened.


Intuitive movement and dance are a language of the body and soul which no words can express and one of the quickest ways to move stuck energy and release rigid thought forms. Through the liberated movement of the body, patterns of the psyche can be revealed seen, understood, loved and integrated and can bring us closer to our truth, deeper into our bodies and more in touch with our intuition.

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