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~ Self Love ~ Sensuality ~ Seduction ~

Friday 19th May 2023 - 7pm UK / 8pm CET 

There are many ways to engage with Eros, whether alone or with a partner/s, but embracing eroticism isn't necessarily engagement with sex.


To be Erotic is to open to pleasure, the senses, and the juice of life. Eros is the life force of the sensual earth flowing through us seducing our very being in a dance between light and matter. It can be experienced in our connection to nature, the way that we savour food or the feeling stimulated by a soft wind against our skin. Our Eros is found in whatever turns us on and lights us up. 

  • Start the New Moon cycle and the beginning of the Spring/Summer climax with an activated connection to personal Eros.


  • Awaken your sensuality with Sense Rituals 

  • Learn the healing art of Self Seduction Mirror Work

  • Feel empowered and connected to your sexuality

      with Erotic Dance 

  • Activate orgasmic energy with tantric meditations

Exchange - €22

Once you have made your payment an email will follow with a link to the session. If you can't join live a link to view a recording of the session with be available for up to 1 month

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