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Through the medium of tattooing and the sacred vessel of the body, symbolic art is tattooed into the skin with presence and loving awareness.


A Sacred Tattoo is infused with the intention of both the wearer and the healing artist. Beauty and symbology adorn the skin and act as a visual reminder of these intentions, and during the ceremony, guided meditations and visualisations carry the special frequency of the piece through to the more subtle, energetic layers of the person. This has the potential to support personal transformation and emotional/soul healing on a deep level.

A Sacred Tattoo is a language that connects Light & Matter ~ Adornment, honouring and celebrating a person's essence and soul journey.

I also offer intentional tattooing without the full ceremonial elements around the process and will always create a safe and relaxing space for you to be tattooed in. 


When and why would you get a Sacred Tattoo?


  • At times of transformation, initiation, and growth

  • To support personal empowerment

  • To honour an old cycle and welcome in a new one 

  • To support the embodiment of soul gifts

  • To help the integration of healing

  • At the time of a Rite of Passage

  • For authentic soul expression

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You may have a clear vision about a tattoo that is asking to adorn you or you may have just a very vague idea but are feeling a clear call to be tattooed. Each person's process is different.


During the initial consultation appointment with Nia (online or in-person), you will be asked to share your intentions and wishes for your tattoo so it is important to reflect on this yourself first. During the consultation, Nia will usually receive intuitive ideas and images based on what you share and can also help you decide on the placement of your tattoo which is an important factor in the energy and healing that the tattoo can offer to you. 


Following the consultation, Nia will create a design for you that is infused with your intentions and is an intuitive interpretation of what your soul is asking to express and heal through the tattoo. She will work closely with you to make any adjustments and additions until the design feels complete. 

Please consider that when you appoint an artist to create a custom design for you, this design is also a part of the artist's expression and style. If you would like a tattoo style that is different from Nia's expression please seek another artist who can meet your needs. Take a look at Nia's latest inspiration and available designs here -

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Nia has a collection of available designs that are waiting to find who will wear them! Each design will only be tattooed once so you will never have the same tattoo as someone else. If you feel that one of the designs is for you, you are welcome to discuss any tweaks, adjustments, and variations of the design during your consultation. 

Before applying for a consultation please read this PDF to learn more about the process of Intentional Tattooing and Tattoo Ceremonies and the pricing structure 

Tattoo Consultation
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