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6-WEEK COURSE 01.09 - 06.10 


On July 26th 2020 we entered a New Year in the Mayan Calendar  Blue Lunar Storm. 

The Lunar tone of polarity tells us that everything in the universe exists from the polarity of two opposing forces.. Yin and Yang; Light and Dark; Matter and Spirit; Life and Death; Sun and Moon; Light and Dark. This tone brings challenges into our lives because it asks us to open up to totality - to the light and the shadow and teaches us how to stop separating. 

Storm gives us the strength and courage to freely express ourselves without any type of fear, guilt, doubt, or limitations. It is the ultimate power of transformation and is a catalyst for change and growth. Purifying energies sweep away programming, fears, and all that is not in alignment with our highest self.

Storm is Self-Generation. 

It asks us to look within for our guidance and direction and also offers us an important lesson - to be still in the eye of the storm, centered in our being and calm while around us everything is changing and transforming. It helps us to learn to let go of whatever is holding us back and to welcome and embrace change. Space is created from storms cleansing force so that the new can blossom within us. 

In this course, we will explore the themes of polarity, transformation, expression, and inner guidance so that we can embody and integrate the changes that we are going through - whether they be internal or external. 

Each session - a journey of connection to both the body, spirit, and each other and supported as always by creative musical weaving, sound healings, oils, flowers, and intuitive guidance.

This is a closed group course so that we can feel the integrity of the circle. 

6-week course - €84

Tuesdays 17.45-19.15

01.09 - 06.10  2020

Zazen. Ziegenmarkt 5, Braunschweig

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