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Womens Self-Care Temple

Passion Purpose Power
9 Week Course

'Compassionate Pele' by Francene Hart

Through nourishing yoga practices, moving meditations, sacred dance and ritual we will explore and empower our Purpose, Passion & Power. 


Each Women's Self-Care Temple course includes the gift of a flower and crystal essence (optional) for each women, for her to use every day at home. This vibrational blend is made especially for the theme of the course to help the transformation and evolution process. 


This is a closed group journey created especially for women -

A sacred temple space away from the stresses and pressures of everyday life.


We unravel rigidity in the body and mind so that movement becomes more sensual, enjoyable and free-flowing. Specific energetic practices will help to clear stagnancy and we work with meditations that create a stronger bond with the divine.

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