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for women

Tap into your personal erotic power and feel more connected body and Soul with pleasure-centred yoga, dance and embodiment 


face & bodywork

Refresh and reset your energy, release long-held tension and let intuitive, heartfelt touch be your medicine


sacred adornment

One of a kind, holistic custom jewellery design and tattoos made with intention for your authentic

soul-self expression

My name is Nia-Hope, and I am here to share with you, knowledge, wisdom, practices, and experiences that will help you to connect - body and soul, to your personal empowerment and authentic, creative, self-expression. 

I believe that our souls choose our bodies, encompassing them, guiding them and learning from the body's earthly wisdom and experiences to gain deeper soul wisdom: however, we can become energetically stuck and may not be living our highest potential and joy due to conditioned mental, emotional and biological responses, loops and patterns.  

My courses, ceremonies, one-to-one sessions and adornments are created to support you in moving and releasing dense and stuck energies as well as embodying your strengths, power and beauty. Through these ritualistic methods, I support you to move the energy and dance with life, with all of its challenges and beauty 



Erotic Empowerment for Women


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