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Nia offers a mandala of services with a truly holistic and creative approach.


As a fully qualified Holistic Face and Body Worker, Yoga Teacher, Movement Facilitator, and Aromatherapist she works closely with others, helping them to develop healthy relationships with their bodies and a deepened awareness and honoring of their true self, beauty and needs.


Through the art of ritual, Nia offers her clients the opportunity to form nourishing new habits and is a guide for personal transformation whether giving wellness ritual, facilitating a yoga and movement class, or supporting someone through a longer empowerment journey.


Part of her work has included 14 years working specifically with the face and she has helped many clients to feel more comfortable in their skin, offering a renewed sense of confidence, freedom, and identity.


Nia's work is very much fueled by her own healing journey. She has been devoted to the path of healing and spiritual practices for the past 20 years and has studied many forms of yoga, dance, movement, and meditation as well as immersing herself in therapies of the subconscious, unconscious, and the shadow aspects of the psyche. 


She has a special connection with the use of plants, crystals, and sound for health and healing and has developed a line of aromatherapy blends which she uses in her classes and wellness rituals.


In her spare time, Nia loves to dance, cook, drum, and paint and most importantly spending time in nature. 

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