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On 26.07.21 we entered a New Year of the Mayan Calendar - 



The Keywords for this year are -





Every seed in nature including the seeds that created us carry the blueprint of the fully potentialized and blossoming being. For each seed that is planted, or energetic seeds that come from our intentions, the possibility for these to manifest to their greatest potential can depend on the quality of the environment and care that they receive. BUT, even in the hard soil of old belief systems, new seeds planted from your true heart's desires have innate wisdom and can break through even the rigidity of fixed expectations bringing unexpected magic and growth.


"Yellow Seed is the ordered pattern of growth. You and your life are the fertile soil, and the mystery blooms within you through the power of your intention or seed thoughts... If you have a tendency to be scattered in your creativity, make an extra effort to focus your energy. Align with your intention to express the truth. Now is the time for the Great Mystery to reveal itself through you. Know yourself as the capstone of light. Allow your creativity to express your spiritual journey" - Astro Dream Advisor


As we prepare the fertile ground for our own, and our collective Dreams Seeds to grow we give thanks and blessings to the previous year's gifts and challenges which catalyzed deep change within our being. We integrate a year of polarity and become the 'third point of light' created from the integration of those polarities. 

In this 6-week Journey through Dance, Yoga, Breath, Meditation, and Group Practices we will explore the key energies of this Year and activate our Dream Seeds.


Our journey together will be supported by Sacred Oils, Moon Rituals, and thoughtfully woven music.


6-Week Course at Heilpraxis Engel

Jasperallee 18, Braunschweig 38102

Thursdays 19.00-20.30

September 23rd - October 28th

Exchange €90

6-Week Course Online via Zoom

September 21st - October 26th


18.30-20.00 UK

19.30-21.00 Central Europe

10.30-12.00 Pacific

Exchange €78

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