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A sacred temple space... away from the stresses and pressures of everyday life

Each course is a journey taken as a circle of women to support and give power to the individual, group, and collective transformation processes. In true circle-culture, meeting as equals and allies with the deep acknowledgment of Inlakesh - 'I am another yourself.'


"We meet each week to anchor ourselves into the strength of the group and to be nourished by a space out of the ordinary." 


Each week Nia guides the group through spiritual embodiment practices such as nourishing feminine flow yoga, moving meditations, and dance - which unravels rigidity so that movement becomes more sensual, enjoyable, and flowing and the patterns of the mind find more freedom. 


Also included are self-care rituals that bring a sense of 'coming home to yourself,' and specific energetic practices that help to release stagnant life force and energetic blockages. There are Moon Rituals to harness the power of the lunar cycles and therefore, the natural cycles of the body and meditations that create a stronger bond with the divine as well as with each other. 




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