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Give fuel and nourishment to the heart's fire and beauty as we approach the festive season and the winter solstice. We will focus our practices on our hearts to balance and empower the energetic flow and exchange which runs through this central Chakra.

You will experience -

  • ​Facial reflexology and self-massage with Rose Quartz

  • Kundalini Yoga and bio-energetic exercises for activating the field of the heart

  • Tantric meditation practices 

  • Flowing feminine Yoga and Dance

  • Bhakti Yoga and heart songs

  • Soul Healing with Sacred Oils

Bhakti Yoga is the yoga of cultivating devotion to 'god', or 'the beloved'. It is love for the sake of love and union through love and devotion. At the heart of Bhakti is surrender ❤︎

We will be working with the legendary healing oil 'Spikenard' throughout our time together. This oil opens the heart to receive the gifts of the spirit and the mysteries of the soul and helps individuals who are using love to change their vibrational level to the frequency of Christ Consciousness and unconditional love, so they can access the deeper chambers of the etheric heart. 

Courses are taken as a complete journey. If you miss any sessions you will receive a recording of the practices to take in your own time.

6-Week Course at Heilpraxis Engel

Jasperallee 18, Braunschweig 38102

Thursdays 19.00-20.30

November 11th - December 16th

Exchange €90


6-Week Course Online via Zoom

November 9th - December 14th


18.30-20.00 UK

19.30-21.00 Central Europe

10.30-12.00 Pacific

Exchange €78

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