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Can you feel change stirring deep within?.. New or forgotten parts of yourself yearning to be expressed and explored?

Perhaps you have already stepped onto a new path or into a new way of being and you're already on your way?

Collectively we are unravelling from a very old story. A story that tells us that we aren't enough and that we can't do it 'our way'.

A reality that can make it easy to feel disconnected from our bodies and soul.. from nature, and our true nature and creativity.

IT'S TIME TO MAKE SPACE. To release the old patterns so that new parts of us can blossom. 

IT'S TIME TO OWN OUR POWER. To discover what it is to be empowered. Dignified, unashamed and fully expressed.

IT'S TIME TO LOVE. To care for ourselves deeply. To fill ourselves up with that which truly nourishes our heart and soul -

                               and from this place of fullness, we have more to give and share with others.


We are all in constant transformation, but sometimes the process can feel a little stuck - the way, perhaps unclear.

Sometimes we need a little extra courage and support - an initiation is required. 

" The ceremony of initiation opens the portal and solidifies a safe and sacred space " 

Cher Lynn - mystic artist 

When you take part in a 40-Day Transformation journey you will - 

  • Learn to work with the power of intention to catalyse your highest potential

  • Deepen your connection with nature through initiation with the elements.

  • Experience working with sacred plant medicines to support your process

  • Activate/enhance your home practice with a tailor-made Sadhana (daily spiritual practice)

  • Learn to listen more deeply to the wisdom of your heart and body

  • Make it your highest prerogative to be more dedicated than ever to self-love

  • Receive one to one dance/yoga and wellness rituals 

  • Enhance your beauty and well-being



Each transformation journey begins and ends with an initiation and completion process in nature and is experienced over 40 days.


2.5 hour one to one session in nature including Ceremonial Cacao and guided embodiment practice. Nia will help you to find clarity about your intentions and will support you with practices and rituals that will initiate your 40-day Transformation Journey. 


Within the first 7 days of your journey, you will receive a flower essence and sacred oil to work with. These are specially selected for you as medicines for your soul. Flower essence therapy and sacred oils work in subtle, yet powerful ways, addressing issues at a soul level and working gradually over time.


Within the first 5 days, you will receive a tailor-made home Sadhana practice in video or audio form. This practice of around 20 minutes will be designed just for you - yours to anchor into each day and an important part of your self-care, self-connection and transformation. 


2x 90-minute yoga and/or dance sessions tailored to your wishes, needs and intentions. This can vary from gentle yin yoga with healing bodywork touch to a more energetic and expressive dance experience. 


2x 90-minute wellness rituals More info on Wellness Rituals 


2.5 hour Completion Ceremony in nature including Ceremonial Cacao and guided embodiment practice. Nia will support you with rituals and practices to help you to integrate the past 40 days and to help you to feel clear about your onward journey.   


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