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Join the Women's Self-Care Temple this summer and enter a Sacred Temple Space away from the stresses and pressures of everyday life..

We will explore a variety of yoga, meditation and self-care practices as well as flowing movement and dance to help to unravel rigidity in the body and mind

and to create a stronger bond with the divine.

Included in this course we will also explore techniques from BELLY DANCE to strengthen our bodies, empower our hips and to create new neural pathways in the body so that these beautiful feminine movements become part of our bodies language.

Each session is unique and is created to work with the energies of the

current moon phase and astrological/cosmic timings.

7-Week Course (in English) - €90
Tuesdays 18.00-19.30

02.07.19 - 20.08.19

at the beautiful

Zazen Studio
Ziegenmarkt 5

Braunschweig. 38100



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