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Exhale, slow down & synchronise your inner rhythm 

with the heartbeat of the earth & pulse of all creation.


" This spring and summer I invite you to join me in luscious green Galicia in North-Western Spain. Enjoy some space and time just for you or together with a loved one, for a dose of deep soul nourishment and rejuvenation.


Take some space to pause, breathe, receive and remember yourself back home to your body and your true essence with personalised yoga and movement practices, meditation, wellness rituals, healthy farm-to-table meals, and excursions in nature. "


5 Day Stay at the beautiful organic farm - 'Tanquian' in rural Galicia

Located on a historical property in the Ribeira Sacra of Galicia, Spain. With 5.5 hectares the farm is one of the largest preserved plots of land in the region and a sanctuary for wildlife. Situated in the Ribeira Sacra de Pantón, surrounded by forest, some kilometers from the spectacular canyons of the Sil, Miño, and Cabe rivers  More about the accommodation

Tanquian Magic.jpeg

Daily Yoga, Meditation, and Movement Practices

Following a pre-retreat consultation, Nia will create a personalised program for you that will meet your needs - body, mind, and soul. These may include, Hatha Yoga, Yin Yoga, Yoga-Dance, Vinyasa Yoga, Yoga for fitness, Belly Dance, Intuitive Movement, Guided Meditation, Tree Yoga, Partner Yoga, and Pranayama.

Learn more about Nia's movement practices

Wellness Rituals 

You or each person will receive 3x 90-minute Wellness rituals. Nia's holistic soul and bodywork treatments include -

Zone Facelift, Aroma-Flow Massage, Hot Shells Massage, and Soul Healing with Sacred Oils.

Learn more about the Wellness Rituals


Healthy, Organic Meals 

At Tanquian we eat simply and sustainably. The fruit, vegetable, and herbs come directly to your table from the pastures, gardens, and orchards of the Tanquian farm. If you feel like it, you can even help Nia or one of the Tanquian community members pick your own dinner, and then you can relax and enjoy our freshly prepared and organic farm-to-table meals. Two meals a day are included in your retreat and your accommodation is self-catering for other moments of culinary needs. It is also possible to purchase some delicious freshly baked bread and jams from the Tanquian farm shop to enjoy during your stay and beyond. 

Ceremonial Cacao

Experience the healing properties of the Sacred Plant Medicine - Ixcacao. Ceremonial Cacao is specially grown and hand prepared in a way that maintains all of the natural compounds and honors the sacredness of this special plant that has been revered for thousands of years. It can help to bring clarity and inspiration to the mind, openness to the heart, and bliss to the body. When working with intention, it is a wonderful and powerful ally for any inner work and transformational process. Nia has 6 years of personal experience, and 3 years of experience facilitating Ceremonies with Cacao and will prepare for you a delicious, plant-based elixir and guided ceremony. 


Excursions in Nature

Nia will take you to one of the surrounding nature spots that most aligns with your needs, desires, and intentions. This could be hiking at the stunning Canyon Del Sel, practicing a river blessing at one of the many gorgeous rivers, or taking a hot spring yoga session and paddleboarding at the stunning lakeside Roman hot springs. 



  • 2 organic meals a day

  • 3 wellness rituals

  • 5 personalised yoga, movement, and meditation  sessions

  • Personal Cacao ceremony

  • Nature excursion


Plus 5-nights accomodation on-site at The Torre Apartment





  • 2 organic meals a day each

  • 3 wellness rituals for each person

  • 5 shared yoga, meditation, movement sessions

  • Shared Cacao ceremony

  • Shared nature excursion


Plus 5-nights accommodation for two people on-site at The Torre Apartment  €325

This beautiful photography was taken by Darshana Borges during a personal transformation journey with Nia and Darshana.

Please enquire if you are interested in adding a transformational photography session to your retreat! 


Follow the steps below to book your retreat

& feel free to Contact Nia with any of your questions

Step 1 - Choose your dates at the Torre Apartment and reserve your desired dates.

Step 2 - Apply for your retreat with Nia to make sure that your chosen dates line up with her schedule. 

Step 3 - Pay for your retreat (the accommodation will later be charged through air bnb)

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