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18.09.2021  18.30-22.30

On July 26th 2021 we entered a New Year in the Mayan Calendar  YELLOW ELECTRIC SEED.

The keys words and energies for this year are -

The Keywords for this year are -



Every seed in nature including the seeds that created us carry the blueprint of the fully potentialized and blossoming being.


For each seed that is planted, or energetic seeds that come from our intentions, the possibility for these to manifest to their greatest potential can depend on the quality of the environment and care that they receive. BUT, even in the hard soil of old belief systems, new seeds planted from your heart's true desires have innate wisdom and can break through even the rigidity of fixed expectations ~ bringing unexpected magic and growth.


We will gather for this Ceremony near the time of the Autumn Equinox. At this point in the cycles of the seasons, the length of time of the day and night are equal representing a point of balance both in our environment and within. Within our bodies this centre point is our hearts - making the Equinox a wondering time to drink Ceremonial Cacao which helps to open and activate the heart.

Working with the power of intention and with Ixcacao as our ally and guide we will tap into the elegance of our hearts and activate the Dream Seeds within us. 

Ixcacao is the Devi of the ancient Cacao plant which has its origins in the volcanic lands of Guatemala. When we drink Cacao that has been specially grown and prepared for ceremonial purposes we offer our intentions to this beautiful plant intelligence... allowing her to dance through us - we receive her wisdom, insights, and healing -  Synchronising our hearts and minds with the heart and mind of the earth. 

This is a wonderful opportunity to prepare for the darker winter months when we turn within and bring our focus more to self-cultivation. 

Nia will take you on a journey through embodied spiritual practices, dance, and meditation - A magic space infused with sacred oils, flowers, awesome music, and live percussion. 

Phoenix Yoga, Ziegenmarkt 5, Braunschwieg. 38100

Exchange - €55


You can join us in the morning for Yin Yoga and Motherdrum sound journey with Niklas Weinhold. A perfect way to prepare for the ceremony and enjoy a day in sacred space. Learn more..


Combined ticket offer - 85€ (SAVE 15%)

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