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Eros & Magic

6-Week Course  |  08.04 - 13.05

20.00-22.00  |  Düsterwald Freiburg

  • Tap into your personal erotic power

  • Deepen your experience and capacity for pleasure

  • Feel more embodied and less in your head

  • Strengthen body positivity, confidence and self-love

  • Learn how to work with rituals for personal empowerment and creation 

  • Release creative blocks and stagnant/dense energy

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To be Erotic is to open to pleasure, the senses, and the juice of life... with the life force of the sensual earth flowing through us, seducing our very being in a dance between light and matter. 


Within increasingly busy and digitalised lifestyles, cultivating our connection to pleasure and eroticism can often be put aside. It can also be that if we are in intimate partnerships we become dependent on what the other people provide for our connection to the Erotic.


In this immersive course, you will have the space and time in a magical and supportive group space to learn empowering and creative practices that will inspire you to get to know, embrace and integrate your erotic and sensual nature and expression.

  • Pleasure-centred yoga, tantric breathwork & quantum healing meditations

  • Sensual belly dance & dance of seduction

  • Erotic embodiment rituals

  • Shibari basics & sensual massage

  • Erotic body painting & photoshoot

  • Aphrodisiac plant medicine ceremonies with sacred cacao & blue lotus 

  • Creative and practical magic to reinforce the work

  • Home practice invitations to fully immerse in the days between when we meet. 

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6-Weeks Women's Course - Maximum 8 Participants 

If you have any questions or are unsure that this course is for you

please write to me and we can meet for a 15-minute introduction 


6x 2-hour Sessions | Mondays 08.04 - 13.05

50/50 Payment plan available. Add the code 50/50 at checkout. This 50% deposit reserves your place on the course.

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