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16.00-21.00 - 20.09.2020 - ZAZEN BRAUNSCHWEIG

Autumn Equinox - The Moon - Mayan Astrology for 09.20

When the bounty of the harvest has come in, the leaves begin changing colors, and cooler, fresh days replace the heat of summer, autumn is upon us! This time of the year marks an important shift in the cosmos - the Autumn Equinox - when both day and night are equally long. The time marks an important transition between summer and autumn, a time when we reap what we have sown—both literally and figuratively. It is a time for harvesting summer’s abundance, planting new seeds for the spring, and for contemplating new ideas. The perfect balance between day and night, yin and yang, also represents and mirrors our inner balance and is a powerful moment in the natural earth year to tap into how we can embrace and accept our own polarities as one harmonious totality.


On the 20.09 the moon will be in the waxing crescent phase, meaning that she is beginning to grow again after the new moon. This moment in the moon cycle is wonderful for setting intentions and feeling into our hopes and wishes.

In the Mayan Calendar, we meet on the day of

Blue Rhythmic Eagle 

This cosmic energetic archetype supports the themes of - 

Creation, Balance, Vision, and Equality

Perfect for our Equinox Ceremony!


Cacao Ceremony

Nia will prepare a delicious elixir using only the highest quality organic Ceremonial Grade Cacao. This cacao is grown for ceremonial purposes only and the beans are hand prepared in a special way that maintains the unique active ingredients.

Cacao is both gentle and powerful, it is a medicine of the heart and is a beautiful partner for journeying within and helping one to access creative flow, expression, inspiration, and vision. It is abundant in essential minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants, plus naturally occurring compounds that are energising, clarifying and uplifting. Ceremonial Cacao is the only food to contain anandamide - the 'bliss molecule'. This activates the heart with the very same feelings that we experience through profound lovemaking, so we can become awash with orgasmic energy!

Cacao has it's origins in Guatemala. For this ceremony, we will be working with a rare and precious variety of Cacao directly from indigenous growers in Guatemala so that we may receive ancient wisdom from these magical, volcanic lands and from the plant Devi herself - Ixcacao.

Nia will guide us on a journey through, dance, meditation and sound with live percussion, sacred oils and creative spiritual practices. 



We will practice Yoga that is nourishing and balancing for this season. Fluid, intuitive movements that unwind and unravel rigidity in both the body and mind and specific energising practices that equalise the physical and energetic systems. 

Tea Ceremony

A subtle and beautiful way to receive the benefits of flowers and plants is through a pure tea infusion. Served and received ceremonially, we offer our thanks and a deeper connection to the plants that we infuse into our being. For the Equinox retreat, we will drink a warming and immune-boosting blend of root and rhizomes including ginger and cinnamon. 


Delicious Food

We will celebrate the abundance of this season and the beauty of sharing with each other and you are invited to bring healthy food for our feast to close the evening. This is an important part of ceremony.. to ground and 'come down' after our jounrney and to nourish the body with the gifts from the earth. 

Pre-booking only

Exchange - €44

at Zazen, Ziegenmarkt 5, Braunschweig. 38100

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