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During this 3-week mini-course, we will connect deeply to the Earth, our Hearts, and to each of our Soul Stars.

In the midst of a powerful Eclipse season and the approach to the Summer Solstice, this is a potent time where the opportunity for aligning ourselves with the true path of our souls is heightened and supported. It is an opportunity to re-set, to re-align.. to be in alignment with that which truly matters to us, to our light, and to our power. 


When we work with the Eclipse energies we are setting the stage for the next 2 years. 

Through our dance, yoga, prayer, and song we will work with releasing limiting beliefs and activate the qualities in ourselves that we are calling forth, Embodying the intentions that will carry us forward through the summer into the new Mayan Year in July. 

' May we synchronise our minds and hearts with that of the Heart of the Earth and together, create a field of love that strengthens us and ripples outwards and onwards '  Nia 


Each session will be a beautiful and magical journey supported by thoughtfully woven music and guidance.


3-Week Mini-Course at Phoenix Yoga, Braunschweig

Tuesdays 17.45-19.15

June 1st, 8th and15th

Exchange €45

3-Week Mini-Course Online

Wednesdays Via Zoom

June 2nd, 9th and 16th

18.30-20.00 UK

19.30-21.00 Central Europe

10.30-12.00 Pacific

Exchange €42

In order to create a strong and supportive group field, this is a closed group course. 

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