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☽  NEW MOON CEREMONY ::: Sexual Cord Cutting  ☾  

Release - Renew - Reclaim

Friday 19th May 7pm UK/8pm CET

Sexual cords are energetic, emotional, and psychic streams of energy that keep us connected to, hooked, and attached in some way to previous sexual partners.

They can hold outdated patterns that are disabling us from moving forward and can also be a way that we are holding someone else bonded to us. 


Even if the relationships were healthy, allowing these cords to remain keeps us bound to the past and leaks energy to the people we have shared intimacy with.

We are part of the animal kingdom and this is partly a biological survival mechanism for procreation. Still, as complex beings, the cords can also be emotional, karmic, psychic, and energetic and biological. 

In this Embodied Cord Cutting Ceremony, the intention will be to fully release and dissolve all cords, hooks, entities, energies, and attachments to previous lovers... this process doesn't break any love or beauty shared, it is for your freedom, and the freedom of others, and that's love! Love is infinite and indestructible.

This Embodied Cord Cutting Ceremony

with support you to -

  • Fully release past partners so you are no longer bonded to them


  • Clear and renew your energy field

  • Clear toxic energetic debris from previous lovers

  • Let go of outdated patterns of sexual relating

  • Reclaim your power and prevent energetic leaks to previous partners

  • Align yourself with the best possible timeline for your deepest relational and sexual desires

Friday19th May 7pm UK/8pm CET

Exchange - €22

Cord Cutting Aftercare - Yoni/Anus Steaming 

Read the blog about this ancient healing practice which can be the perfect aftercare for the Cord Cutting Ceremony

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