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30.10.2021  18.30-22.30

At the end of October, Samhain, The Day of the Dead (or Halloween) marks the Celtic New Year and the end of the harvest season. It signals the beginning of winter and the dark half of the year commences...

...This is a truly magical time and traditionally in many cultures, it is recognised that the veils between the worlds are at their thinnest. It is time to honour and offer hospitality to our ancestors.

As part of this Ceremony, we will make ritual offerings to our ancestors and loved ones who have passed over and will journey deep in our dance and meditations from this place of connection.


"Death is always followed by rebirth and while this is the end of the old year, it is the beginning of the new year. For the Celts the day did not begin at dawn, it began at sunset, it began with darkness. Light is always born out of darkness, they are inseparable, interdependent, and necessary. Darkness is fertile with 'all potential'. With the beginning of this dark phase comes the opportunity to rest and reflect on the past and to dream of new beginnings. The seed now hidden in the earth will germinate in its season. Look for the seeds in yourself!" ~ The Goddess and the Green Man.

Working with the power of intention and with Ixcacao as our ally and guide we will tap into the intelligence of our hearts and therefore the heart of the Earth.

Ixcacao is the Devi of the ancient Cacao plant which has its origins in the volcanic lands of Guatemala. When we drink Cacao that has been specially grown and prepared for ceremonial purposes we offer our intentions to this beautiful plant intelligence... allowing her to dance through us - we receive her wisdom, insights, and healing -  Synchronising our hearts and minds with the heart and mind of the earth. 

This is a wonderful opportunity to prepare for the darker winter months when we turn within and bring our focus more to self-cultivation. 

Nia will take you on a journey through embodied spiritual practices, dance, and meditation - A magic space infused with sacred oils, flowers, awesome music, and live percussion. 

Phoenix Yoga, Ziegenmarkt 5, Braunschwieg. 38100

Exchange - €55

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