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As part of this season Women's Self-Care Temple, we open the space and invite you to a Special Tea Ceremony Yoga~Dance.

We have been working with the potent energies of the Hawai'ian Goddess Pele who's essence lives within the Fire and the Volcanos to activate our Purpose, Passion and Power.

A beautiful way that we can connect with Pele and the energies of Hawai'i is through the plants so I will be preparing this tea with plants directly from The Big Island where Pele's fires are most active.


Included in the Tea which is 100% Organic - 


• Hibiscus - Rich in vitamins and minerals an excellent boost to the immune system. Energetically this beautiful flower helps the integration of soul warmth and bodily passion


• Mamaki - This special plant grows only in Hawaii and is revered and treasured as a sacred plant and is a calming, cleansing tonic - It is also the plant that the female butterflies seek out to lay their eggs!


The Ceremony will include Yoga, Dance and Sacred Song

Exchange €16

Pre-Bookings Only 

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