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Balm for the Soul - Women's Day Retreat

08.03.2020  10.00 - 18.00  at Zazen

"Sisters are different flowers from the same garden"


Retreat for a day of ceremony, dance, yoga, rituals, flowers, fragrance and loving touch. We will gather together in sacred space to celebrate International Women's Day and to embrace the absolute beauty and power of being female in all of her shapes, forms, beauty and expressions. 


Nia and Michaela both lead women's group work and have a gift for creating cyclical journeys through dance, movement and ritual. Together they will guide this special day filled with nourishing practices and the opportunity to go deep into our hearts and the sensuality of the body.

What to expect - 

Cacao Ceremony

Nia will prepare a delicious elixir using only the highest quality organic Ceremonial Grade Cacao. This cacao is grown for ceremonial purposes only and the beans are hand prepared in a special way that maintains the unique active ingredients.

Cacao is absolutely feminine in nature - both gentle and powerful, it is a medicine of the heart and is a beautiful partner for journeying within and helping one to access creative flow, expression, inspiration and vision. It is abundant in essential minerals, vitamins and antioxidants, plus naturally occurring, consciousness-altering compounds that are energising, clarifying and uplifting. Ceremonial Cacao is the only food to contain anandamide - the 'bliss molecule'. This activates the heart with the very same feelings that we experience through profound lovemaking, becoming awash with orgasmic energy!

Cacao has it's origins in Guatemala. For this ceremony, we will be working with a rare and precious variety of Cacao directly from indigenous growers in Guatemala so that we may receive ancient wisdom from these magical, volcanic lands and from the plant Devi herself - Ixcacao.

Nia will guide us on a journey through, dance, meditation and sound with live percussion, sacred oils and creative spiritual practices. 

Loona Dance

Loona Dance is a dance meditation for women, which is also called “the dance of the lap” or “the temple dance”. Through mono or simple dance movements, women can connect with their right hemispheres of the brain, walk in, feel themselves, let go of everything, be completely present in the body, be in the here and now and develop their feminine qualities. Loona Dance is suitable for all women, regardless of their age or previous dance knowledge.


We will practice Yoga that is nourishing for the female form. Fluid, intuitive movements which unwind and unravel rigidity in both the body and mind and passive Yin postures to open energetic pathways and release long-held tension in the muscles and connective tissue. 

Tea Ceremony

A subtle and beautiful way to receive the benefits of flowers and plants is through a pure tea infusion. Served and received ceremonially, we offer our thanks and a deeper connection to the plants that we infuse into our being. For the Women's Day retreat we have choosen delicate Organic Rose Buds.


In the traditional Chinese health system, Rose Bud tea has been served fro 5000 years and is considered a miracle herbal particularly for women. Often called, “the lady’s tea”, rosebud tea has remarkable health benefits for women. Roses provide an excellent natural treatment for PMS and menstrual cramps. It reduces breast tenderness and even balances endocrine disorders. It stabilises emotional ups and downs and balancing the mind.


Tipp - Rosebud tea is not suitable for pregnant women. Please inform us and we will prepare you an alternative. 


Delicious Food

We will provide a light and healthy vegan lunch and we invite you to bring one or two items for our celebration sharing feast to close the day. 

Pre-booking only

Exchange - €85

at Zazen, Ziegenmarkt 5, Braunschweig. 38100

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